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This privacy policy notice is to let you know, in line with the new European Data Protection Regulations, how I use, process, store and protect the data that I collect from you in the course of counselling. I am registered with the Information Commissioner's Office.

How I Use and Process Your Information

In order for me to perform my role effectively and appropriately for you as a counsellor I take a history and brief handwritten notes in our very first initial consultation session together which includes some personal contact details and relevant information about you both individually and collectively if you are a couple.

Whether you only come for the initial consultation or follow on to have ongoing counselling sessions with me I keep all notes 3 years from the time of your last session and shred them after this period.

This information is confidential and I do not share this with anyone else except I may talk about your relationship issues and any relevant details from your history together with a professional colleague who acts in a supervisory role.

Supervision is a requirement for safe and effective practice for a counsellor and any information I may disclose about your background or what we explore together in the sessions is shared in service to the goal of good, effective and safe practice and to meet the intended aims and goals for your relationship that we agreed together at the start of counselling.

I do not share your names with this colleague and he/she operates under the same codes of confidentiality and ethics as myself.

The medium through which supervision takes place can be online over the internet, face to face or on the telephone.

Exceptions to confidentiality and disclosure are where a child or adult is at risk of serious physical, psychological or emotional harm. Also where court orders are issued requiring access to counselling records or terrorist related matters.

If we agree to have further counselling sessions I write up handwritten notes subsequent to the session that reflect and summarize any important information and the therapeutic content of it and keep these securely stored.

Storage & Protection

I store all handwritten notes in a locked cabinet when not being used and transport them with me on the day of your session.

Any e-mails or texts that are received and exchanged from or with you are kept on password protected devices I.e computer and mobile phone and are deleted when no longer required or 3 years after the conclusion of counselling, whichever is the earliest.

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